Moti Nataf

“I try to tell a story with my creation, the same way an author writes a book”

Motti Shazir’s life story is entwined with the ocean. The son of a jewelers family from Tunisia who escaped to Israel from the Nazis, he was born in 1953 and was raised in Jaffa, spending all his years by the sea.

He is a sailor, fisherman, ship builder and owner of a ship yard.

In the last twenty years he has been working in his Jaffa port studio, the only one residing inside the port itself.

He is considered a specialist in his field, a man of materials and of work techniques, who combines many different materials in his creation.

As an artist, he utilizes several styles and a wide range of substances and techniques.

Many of his works contain recycled material, artifacts and things he collected over the years, around the port and from the sea.

“The creation process begins from an idea, material or a combination of both. In my work as in my life, I try to stay in a clean state of spirit, to express a craving for the values of ethics and simplicity that are disappearing from our lives.

The same way an artist needs to be faithful to himself, so too does creation hold an expression, a longing to a time gone by.”